Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Exegesis vs. Eisegesis

Great example of what can happen and where it can lead when rather than reading out of God's Word (exegesis) people choose to read into God's Word (eisegesis). Jazzycat describes it as those who "start with a belief system and try to make their "Christianity" fit ."

(From post at IIDB)
Pentecostal Church.
"Just when I thought I'd heard it all, a friend of mine in Atlanta called me on Sunday and told me he was at a gay pentecostal church. The ushers, wearing white usher uniforms, were drag queens in stiletto heels, long hair weaves, and tons of make up and the church was full of drag queens and cute muscle gay boys being slain by the holy spirit and speaking in tongues. After THREE HOURS he left because he'd had enough and the service was still going strong."

It would almost be humorous, if it were not so sad.


  1. There is nothing sad when people attempt to draw unto God. What is sad is that you discount the faith and malign the hearts of worshipers based on their appearance or gender conformity.

  2. It is sad... not only when the post modern influence leads some to believe they can continue to live their own life and simply add religion to it (rather than repent and turn from their lifestyle and ways), but when it also pervades the culture so that others either cannot discern the difference or continue to justify, tolerate, approve of, and defend just about anything except that which stands upon and calls others to righteousness and life set forth in God's Word.