Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christopher Hitchens Question

Just wondering... If Christopher Hitchens has it all figured out, why is he found so often in pictures holding a cigarette? Wouldn't most educated people say smoking is not good for a person? Suppose Hitchens hasn't figured this out yet, or could he still be in bondage to something as small as a cigarette? ... Just wondering.


  1. Bondage, indeed! One could observe he is being consistent with his Scripture predicted worldview - "eat, drink and be merry..."

    In other words - no surprises there.

    What does that say about Christians that are prolific smokers, though?

  2. It says the same... that in that area of their life they remain under bondage, blinded by the truth, and in need of deliverance. Believers however, are no longer positionally under the power, though they may practically be under it's power. When believers come to live practically with their positional inheritance, deliverence can be theirs. In other words, the failure of some to live up to or embrace the blessings that belong to them do not justify the practice of others who deny and reject those same blessings but choose to participate in the same practice.

    On another level, it reminds me of a FoxNews reporter who after being accused of being a little overweight himself after he charged Britney Spears with being overweight, explained there is a difference - he is not her age and he was not on stage wearing skimpy lingerie before the eyes of the world. Leaders of a particular cause open themselves to be examined more closely. This is not just true of Christian leaders, but secular leaders as well.

  3. if he doesn't stop, he will certainly become aware of "supernatural selection"...