Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Evolution and Evaluation

"It is sad to know that our ancestors played such a major role in the extinction of these species - and sadder still when we consider that this trend continues today," he said.

The above quote was taken from an article entitled "Extinction from Man, not Climate".

My question is this: Is it appropriate to talk about events in evolution being "sad"? Were these humans not just "less evolved" and living in keeping with their heritable traits, etc., or is it that man (even those who have gone before us) are moral beings responsible for their actions and stewardship? For if things are left to chance, and if they were not responsible, and if they were simply acting with a view toward survival (or happiness, or whatever other end people [or groups of people choose]), then why is it "sad"? Sadness would assume some measure of stewardship and value in protection of species.

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