Friday, August 15, 2008

Evolution and the Nature of Man

Why is it that if man evolves (I'm using an argument from others) that man's nature has not changed? Is this immune to evolution even over thousands (/millions) of years. Man, even know he knows better, still is prone to act out of a sinful nature (malice, coveting, theft, lies, impure, unchaste, etc.) In fact, a case can be made on one level that man is worse in these areas that other beings, for what animals do the things that man does to the extent that man sometimes does?

Some things to think about...
- If this has not changed, WHY? (Certainly, even for survival purposes this would be a critical aspect for change, and yet it's not changed at all.)
- Man is powerless to change his nature, but God can. (Rom 5:6)

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