Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Homosexuals... Does your argument STILL stand up?

Homosexuals, in trying to get society to accept or "normalize" their behavior and practices, often offer the argument that homosexuals are smart, talented, athletic, good cooks, artists, community organizers, etc.

While one does not deny the other things may be true (and good), that doesn't mean that society should accept or normalize their homosexual practice.

Case in point: In Convicted Child Molester Gary Glitter Refuses to Leave Thailand After Being Denied Entry to Country, it's shown that Glitter has talent and produced a song reaching the top ten list in America; however, just because of his talent or song, does that mean we should accept, overlook, or "normalize" his practice? I don't think so. If the argument doesn't hold up for Glitter, it doesn't hold up for others with sinful behavior either.

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