Monday, August 18, 2008

China Confiscates Bibles (Atheism, Practice)

Here's an article that probably only gets a brief scan if that from most readers: China Confiscates Bibles From American Christians

Note the following though:
1. The "officially atheistic government" claims religous freedom but then confiscated 300 Bibles. (Consider the 8th & 9th Commandment)
2. An officer of the "officially atheistic government" denied confiscating the Bibles. She said authorities were just "taking care" of them. (If so, why did they give the individuals back one Bible each? Did they not also need to be "cared for"?) (Consider the 9th commandment)
3. The "officially atheistic government" prohibits proselytizing and is worried that if the spread of religion goes unchecked, believers might ultimately challenge the Communist Party's authority.

Seems this "officially atheistic government" denies(/opposes) freedom, lies to cover it up, operates out of fear, shows intolerance, seeks to intimidate and demonstrates a form of tyranny.

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