Saturday, August 16, 2008

Skeptical of the US Justice System - Free Hannah!

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas— As newlyweds in 1997, neither Hannah Overton nor her husband Larry wanted to move back to this port city. Both had grown up here, but Hannah wanted to do missionary work abroad and Larry remembered as a kid how its churches were disunited. Yet they thought God wanted them back—perhaps to unify the city, though they couldn't say how. Disobeying God, they agreed, was worse than living in Corpus Christi. They moved into a house on the south end of town that Larry remodeled. They started a family that now includes five children born to them. It's a family Hannah Overton hasn't seen much of lately. Last month, she became No. 01478117 in Gatesville Women's Prison, serving a life sentence for a crime she says she's innocent of—and her conviction has further divided the community she hoped to unite. Ironically, family is where her troubles started: She had always wanted a big one. In June 2006 the Overtons decided to adopt 4-year-old Andrew Burd. But on Oct. 3, before the process was complete, Andrew died suddenly of salt intoxication. Days later, Hannah Overton faced capital murder charges.

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