Friday, August 15, 2008

Individualism AND Collectivism

A new trend I'm seeing among elites is to discuss aspects and preferments between individualism and collectivism. See here and here.

Often when the world examines the two (individualism & collectivism), they side with one or the other, and pit one against the other, often leading to faulty and disastrous results.

The better solution is to recognize the co-relationship and involvement of both individualism AND collectivism, as the two each have their place within the whole, and as the two come together for the betterment of the whole and the individuals. Why is this? Because the triune God is both one nature and three persons, both humanity and our relationships stem from and reflect these aspects of God. For example, as a person, I'm not only an individual but at the SAME time I'm also part of a greater humanity. Even in my family, I'm not only an individual (distinct from others) but an integral part of my collective family.

As with other tensions of reality found in life, whereas the world often wants to suggest the answer is either "A" or "B", often the correct and best answer in "A AND B".

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  1. Wouldn’t you say collectivism breaks down when it is extended to any group larger than a family, company, church family, etc? It is especially destructive when carried to the point of government. One only has to look at a Microsoft verses an IBM to see the advantages that individualism has over collectivism. Incentive, freedom, and individual innovation will produce not only more technology, but also basic necessities such as food and health care services.

    I would like to suggest the answer is also not A and B but is A (individualism) plus B (collectivism) when individuals choose it voluntarily. It seems that home, health and car insurance would be good examples of this.

    Just a thought from an ole right winger!