Sunday, June 16, 2024

Lines of evidence that support Biblical Christianity

Here is a summary list of the main lines of evidence that support Biblical Christianity:

1. Historical evidence

   - The reliability of the New Testament accounts of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection

   - Extra-biblical sources corroborating key details about Jesus and early Christianity

   - The willingness of the apostles to suffer and die for their testimony, when they had nothing to gain and everything to lose

2. Observational evidence

   - The fine-tuning and design of the universe

   - The complexity and information content of biological life

   - The existence of consciousness and objective moral values

3. Experiential evidence

   - Personal experiences of answered prayer and the transforming power of the gospel

   - The inner witness of the Holy Spirit confirming the truth of Christianity

   - Changed lives and the practical impact of faith in the lives of believers

4. Revelatory evidence

   - The divine inspiration, consistency, and authority of the Bible

   - Fulfilled prophecies, especially messianic predictions about Jesus

   - The profound wisdom and truth claims of Scripture

5. Logical and philosophical evidence

   - The cosmological argument for a First Cause of the universe

   - The teleological argument for a Designer based on the order and purpose in nature

   - The moral argument for a transcendent moral lawgiver

   - The ontological argument for the necessary existence of a maximally great being

6. Prophetic evidence

   - Specific, detailed prophecies in the Old Testament that were accurately fulfilled

   - Messianic prophecies predicting details about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection

7. The coherence and explanatory power of the Biblical worldview

   - A comprehensive framework for understanding the big questions of life

   - Coherent explanations for the origin and meaning of the universe, morality, and the human condition

8. The universal hunger for God

   - The pervasive belief in a higher power or spiritual reality across cultures and throughout history

   - The human longing for meaning, purpose, and connection with the divine

The cumulative power of these lines combine into the strongest existential and most explanatory complete framework available.

While atheistic naturalists have skeptical rebuttals to these lines, they cannot refute them. Also, their alternative explanations fall flat, particularly as it relates to ultimate causality and the Big Questions of existence.

All they have is their strategy of trying to shift the burden of proof to naturalistic scientific evaluation of ultimately supernatural causality. Don’t fall for it. You can’t scientifically measure love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, justice, honor, beauty, or hope.

Also, don’t fall for attempts to shift focus to the failings of humans away from the glorious person of Jesus Christ. He, and no other, is our model.

The bottom line is the willingness to accept and rationalize a framework of ultimately meaningless existence over a purposeful life  founded on the unmeasurable characteristics of a transcendent, yet intimately personal, God.

We experience His effects, take comfort in His Word, and cling to the hope of eternal communion enabled by Christ.

Pray for our human adversaries that they may, like many others, have the scales fall away from their eyes and join us in the glorious hope revealed to us.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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