Sunday, August 13, 2023

Deep Time, holographic reality, and the Master Programmer

There is a general popular consensus that the universe is billions of years old. This “deep time” consensus serves as a key foundation for the framework of evolution as a theoretical mechanism for cosmology (how we understand the development of the universe at a grand scale), geology (how we understand natural forces that shape our and other planets), the incremental path of human development, all the way to down to the greater context of micro-adaptation in organisms.

Deep time is a relatively new concept. The general consensus throughout human history, particularly from a Biblical perspective, is that the earth and universe are, in general, young. There has been a ton of work to reconcile the idea of deep time versus the implicit young age of Creation from a plain reading of the text. It is easy to find information that both supports and denies the concept of deep time. You owe yourself a good examination of its origins and impacts on scientific, philosophical, and even theological thought.

My perspective as a Biblical Christian is to question the validity of concepts based on my authoritative source of truth. From that perspective, it is easy to see the chain of consequences deep time leads to - a rejection of the special supernatural creation of the universe and Man in favor of a purely material naturalistic paradigm.

My own worldview accounts for deep time and the “appearance of age” as a byproduct of a meticulous Master Programmer aligning His program to the laws He developed and complete control over the speed at which that program processes, as well as the authority to supersede those natural processes, at will.  

That is, from an outside observer, the act of creation would progress at a variable speed. Initial creation would seem to be on a very high clock speed (days 1-5), then gradually slowing to the point of the special creation of humanity (day 6), then normalizing into the pace we experience currently. So, the actual timeframe for creating the universe (6 24 hour days) would be equivalent to the “real time” we are in now.

To support my worldview, there has recently been developed a “holographic reality” theory to try and reconcile scientific observations tied to quantum and relativity theories. That is, the deeper one looks into reality, the more it seems to run like a program.

It’s no surprise that as science progresses it points more and more toward a Creator. The Bible is the best foundational source to reconcile reality. That becomes more and more apparent, every day. 

It also begs the question, “If the Biblical message is aligned to reality and best explains it at a fundamental level, what should be our response to the account and message of Jesus Christ?”

This, my friends, is where the “rubber meets the road”.

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