Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dethroned - by my friend, LA Lamar

King takes rook, HIS truth captures my lies
The omniscient one has calculated my demise
The moves I see are clear as day
Nervously, anticipating the final blow to L.A...
Staring into the marble at the reflection of a stranger
Spider sense is tingling, in the presence of my danger
Forever running hard to escape what awaits
Stuck in a zugzwang of which my opponent mates
Allowing King L.A. to reign was my first blunder
His nature from my ideology of him I tried to sunder
His depraved gambit & my ruination to accept
Willfully foolish or worst inept
Running out of time, I hear HIS clock’s cadence
Absent of free will, or choice but providence
My king lays prostrate, by the light of HIS brilliance
On my face, I obtain a glimpse of the magnificence of HIS countenance
Once my bĂȘte noire now my Sovereign Lord
A released slave to myself for which I whored
Now with HIS strength I stand erect, gripping my Sword
A gracious, submissive piece on HIS side of the chessboard

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