Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Call and Reminder to Christian (and Non-Materialist) Scientists regarding Collider

Seems the Collider is powering up and though it might be next year before any significant findings are made (or up to three years), let me express by hope that Christian scientist will not only be involved in reviewing the evidence but also in posting reviews, for if history teaches us anything, it's that not only is the evidence important, but so are the presuppositions with which one comes to the evidence, and history reveals that often those with humanistic/materialistic views like to try to beat others to the press espousing not only their positions but claiming them to be scientific and undebatable fact, a situation which not only misleads but also creates a more difficult environment and challenge for communicating the truth in those areas where a more thorough and comprehensive view of the evidence proves their positions to be wrong.

My understanding is that the Collinder data is to be published where scientists around the world can gain almost immediate access to it. Hopefully, scientists from the creationist and/or intelligent design positions will not only give this matter significant attention but also remember matters related to publication and the press (i.e., timing, caution people ahead of time of the need to be patient and not simply accept everything they may first be told by those who want to make a name for themselves or to hijack the media attention and public, etc.)

Personally, I'm grateful for the work and advancements I see Scientists making on the side of truth. Keep up the good work and may science be a field where the glories of the creator, sustainer and governor of the world are recognized and his due worship and praise rendered to Him!

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