Thursday, October 22, 2009

Internet Apologetics & Evangelism: A Call to Christians

One of the factors leading to my devoting the time I do on the internet was Panta making the statement one day that the Internet today is the Mars Hill of Paul's day.

Consider the following quotes from an article published today by The Christian Post
Non-seekers are often not interested in visiting Christian Web sites, but churches can still meet them by going to their Web turf.

“[T]he church must not isolate itself on its own Web sites; instead, it must take part in the fluent online traffic and develop initiatives on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia,” says Fischer-Nielsen...

So churches need to be technologically savvy and create Web sites that can be found through popular search engines such as Google, as well as create an online presence on growingly popular social networking sites.

For more on the entire article, see Scholar: Churches Can Use Internet to Reach Non-Seekers.

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