Friday, August 21, 2009

Religious Freedom Request - Rifqa Bary

Powerful Video...

... as the world begins to see more (including the faces) of the truths and practices of the Muslim world, it's going to open eyes (and hearts)!


  1. It is high time that Christians realize and openly proclaim that Islam is a false religion and Allah is a false God. Our tolerance for freedom of religion does not mean we have to validate false religions or Gods. To the contrary we have the freedom to denounce false Gods and false religions.

  2. We don't know at this point (as we don't have all the details), but that doesn't negate the reality and sinfulness of Islamic threats and "honor killings"... or the adoption of many Muslims that it's okay "to lie" if in the "interest" of their prophet and God.

  3. Aaron,
    I have not followed this case and don't know the details, but I have no trust in Time magazine. I would have to verify anything they said from a more reliable source.