Thursday, May 14, 2009

Proof increased knowledge won't be the answer to all man's problems

In Sweden allows gender-based abortion it seems increased knowledge (of the gender of a baby in the womb) is now being used in selective childbearing / childkilling.

... a step in the direction of (or a form of) eugenics, ... or just selfishness (putting one's own pleasures and/or desires even over the life of another)?

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  1. This would be no different than someone planning on having a single baby and upon finding out twins were on the way, killing one as they were being born.

    Oh, I forgot, this is done all the time in partial birth abortion! Tragically we have a president who is in favor of allowing this murder to be legal. But hey, he is appalled that someone may make a terrorist uncomfortable during interrogation.

    And some say I am supposed to respect this person and pray he is successful in achieving his policies. NO, NO, NO..... Rush Limbaugh has gotten it right!


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