Saturday, March 14, 2009

Illustration that "Good Works" ALONE Not Pleasing/Acceptable to God

It’s hard for Americans to be humble,” Mike Boehm reflects, while talking with me on the phone about his humanitarian work. ... Boehm’s efforts are those of a nontheistic humanitarian, one who bristles at the mention that he is doing God’s work. “That notion offends me,”...

Quote taken from here in an article entitled "The Humanitarian Impulse: Not “God’s Work” for this Veteran."

Often, unbelievers ask the question "What about the person who participates in good works though he doesn't believe in God?"

This true life illustration highlights how individuals and their works (apart from consideration of faith and motive) may APPEAR pleasing, righteous and good; but when viewed in whole not only show how the individual would FALL SHORT of meeting God's righteous standard but would BE OFFENSIVE to (and condemnable before) God!

(This is the first time I've seen such an expression of the heart so clearly and overtly communicated. Thanks to "the Humanist" magazine for providing this story and most powerful illustration.)

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