Thursday, January 15, 2009

Skeptical of Newest "Insight" into "Human Evolution"

Studies like this show how far Darwinists are willing to reach in their efforts to indoctrinate.

From Primate Culture Is Just A Stone's Throw Away From Human Evolution, Study Finds

"For 30 years, scientists have been studying stone-handling behavior in several troops of Japanese macaques to catch a unique glimpse of primate culture. By watching these monkeys acquire and maintain behavioral traditions from generation to generation, the scientists have gained insight into the cultural evolution of humans."

I guess if any scientist wastes 30 years watching monkeys play with rocks, he has to come up with something.


  1. lol - 30 years is a long time to figure out what you went in thinking - "somehow these monkeys will help us understand humans..." - of course they probably had to come up with SOMETHING to get additional funding...

  2. As a born again Christian, I just want to say that I read Eckart Tolle and his brilliant writings ADDED to my belief in Jesus.

    Why is it that when someone talks about being present and loving, that person is considered anti-Christ.

    Oh, I remember now, that's what the hypocritical leaders said about Jesus in his time.

    If Jesus came back again today, I predict that almost all the Christian leaders would say he is the anti Christ.

    Eckhart Tolle brings a great and wonderful message of LOVE. And for those who say he is anti Christ, WOE ON YOU, for you are bearing false witness. Even in his book he says he is not promoting any one religion.

  3. Moderator,

    The "hypocritical leaders" in Jesus's day were guilty of the same error that Tolle is, rejecting Christ as the only way to God. It does matter what a person believes.

    The Christian Church has clearly established Christian beliefs for 2,000 years, based on the Word of God. You have the right to disagree with the Christian faith, but you do not have the right to redefine it. You beliefs are NOT Christian.

  4. It would seem that we can actually get "close" to the Kingdom of God" without believing in Jesus, if you recall the encounter between Jesus and Nichodemus. Jesus said, "You are not far from the Kingdom". But, being close - as perhaps Tolle can help people become, will still NOT gain a person admittance into the Kingdom, which requires the Blood of the Lamb covenant. If this distinction is made, perhaps we Christians can help all these seekers to take the one additional step of faith in Christ, and put their confidence in Father God instead of one man's reasonings - which fall short even though they seem "close".