Friday, January 16, 2009

Religion By The Book

Pastor Scott Willet Weighs In On Pluralism

"In this 21st century of relativism, each person’s opinion is just as valid as the next. Each one’s judgment is just as legitimate as the other’s. Each individual definition of truth is just as true as every other one. In other words, I judge what is true for me, and you judge what is true for you. If those two judgments happen to disagree with each other, if they conflict or contradict, it matters little. The issue for our day is not the external or universal consistency of the nature and content of truth, but rather the sincerity and authenticity with which it is embraced. Thus what matters is not the rational content of truth, but its subjective and individualized perception of it. Therefore, the only absolute aspect about the nature of truth is that all truth is provisional–contingent and dependent upon my own conceptions and commitments.

Sadly, many people who profess to be Christian employ that dangerously faulty philosophy of human knowledge..."



  1. 1. Was Christ's words "hate-speech"? ... GREAT illustration to show the foolishness of where such thinking could result.

    2. For examples of such thinking in our day, read:

  2. "Forty-two percent of religious Americans also say atheists are able to find eternal life."

    (Gasp!) I love the fact that this statement was used to underscore the point in the CS Monitor article. As if to say, "it's bad enough that some idiots think other *religions* might not burn in hell, but some now even believe *ATHEISTS* might not burn!"

    Any god is better than none, apparently.

    "Pastor Scott Willet Weighs In On Pluralism."

    As has become custom, Evangelicals continue to confuse relativism with pluralism.

    Pluralism is "A condition in which numerous distinct ethnic, religious, or cultural groups are present and tolerated within a society."

    Personally, Evangelical's say that the oppose relativism, but I suspect it's really pluralism they have a problem with.

  3. It is wrong to call it hate speech. Stupid or delusional would be more apt. Why does one have to reach the father, and if so, through Jesus?

  4. Skeptimal,

    What is the "pluralistic" stance on abortion? Gay Marriage? Socialism?

    Does pluralism tolerate intolerant religions, or just the ones they agree to tolerate?

    Pluralism is not only wrong, it is impossible to enact. (And if you disagree, can I call you "intolerant"?)


    The simple answer to your question is because Christ is the means by which God has chosen to exercise His justice upon wicked sinners. Without this means, we are left to face the wrath of God ourselves.