Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Evolution's Goal ... Problems

Of course, the mutations and adaptations witnessed by the computing industry were actually designed by intelligent beings who had specific goals in mind. Biological adaptations, by contrast, were driven by the blind and often cruel hand of natural selection. Evolution has only one goal: successful replication.

Quote taken from The Evolution of Religion.

I'm continuing to see writers state that the single goal of evolution is successful (or self-) replication. Does this not raise moral, ethical, societal, even evolutionary questions? Think about it, if self-replication is the only goal,...
1. What does that say about all the other purposes secularists suggest?
2. What does it suggest about the individual who seeks to impregnate as many women as he can (even without personal responsibility to providing for his offspring)?
3. Are those who seek (... incl: spend time) to fulfill "other" goals working against evolution? Is that even possible? Regardless, what does say to areas such as art, literature, etc.?

Fortunately, here again, most secularists do not live consistently by seeking to implement and carry out their stated beliefs and positions to their logical end. Isn't it interesting how even evolutionists really don't want their own positions to be true and not only prefer but choose to live as if they are not!

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