Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christian Response - Pro-Homosexuals against Rick Warren, etc.

Goodbye Larry King, Hello Jerry Springer!

Carl Truman has been especially good recently on the issues surrounding Obama's swearing in, Rick Warren, pro-homosexuals, etc.

This article is worth the read.


  1. Sword,
    That was a very good article and it correctly [I think] predicted where this debate is going and that is conformity to a political correct view.

    It seems to me that one of the biggest mistakes Christians make in refuting homosexual marriage is one of basing our argument solely on historical tradition with but a timid reference to Biblical principles. We seem to be too reluctant to call homosexual sex abnormal and perversion against nature. Arguing against human tradition and Biblical teachings is easy in an anti-Christian society. However, arguing against homosexuality being abnormal and a perversion presents pro-homosexual advocates with another front and a much more difficult task. My goodness, it even goes against one of their sacraments, evolution!

    Really, how many parents can truthfully say they really don’t mind if their child grows up and becomes a practicing homosexual? Being an abnormal perversion is their weak point and we should use it in the debate.

  2. Although I'm not glad Warren will be involved in the inauguration, I do recognize that some good may come of it. It is a clear sign that Obama is not going to treat conservative Christians as second-class citizens. Liberals and moderates should remember that if we waste time settling scores from the past eight years of abuse and incompetence, the country is never going to move forward.

  3. Skeptimal,
    1) Obama and Warren have the exact same position on homosexual marriage. They both are against it.

    2) To what abuse are you referring?

    3) The most incompetence I have seen in recent history is the mess that liberals caused in Freddie and Fannie by allowing mortgages to be approved by people who couldn't afford them. All in the name of compassion of course. This was the first domino in our current mess.

    4) Ask Joe the plumber how he was treated by Obama liberals and their reliance on the politics of personal destruction, before you talk about treatment of conservatives!

  4. I happen to believe that this is an Obama ploy, and will be surprised if Obama has anything to do with Rick Warren after the inauguration. We shall see.