Saturday, November 29, 2008

Skeptical of UFOs and Alien Abduction

I was reading this blog post
reviewing this book:

From the review:

This book considers the possibility and probabilities of aliens and UFOs having an extraterrestrial “natural”/evolutionary origin. Are they really space-creatures who journeyed from other planets to meet us? The frequency of sightings, the distances from which they must come and resultant time involved, along with the lack of any evidence of these beings communicating with us through radio waves or other indirect methods – or even signs of entrance into our atmosphere, make such an explanation virtually impossible. The UFOs and beings act in a way more consistent with an inter-dimensional being (yes, in the scientific, physics sense). They appear and disappear, change shape, and move at velocities that defy the laws of motion.

Are the aliens good? Are they our space brothers sent to help us reach the next stage of our evolution? No, they are known liars (until we discovered there was no life on the moon, they said they were from the moon, the Mars, then Venus, then every other planet in our galaxy until they said they were from the Pleiades and Sirius and far away stars systems; their foretelling of future events has also proven false) whose impact on lives is in the negative. They create pain, confusion, withdrawal from friends and family, and fear in their contactees. Certainly some people become willing to endure these encounters, and enjoy the profit and attention generated by their experiences. Many people have ended up harming themselves and others, submitting themselves to abuse or even death, as a result of encounters with these beings.

I am pleased to see that someone is flexhing out and exposing what I have been thinking about on the whole phenomenon. I'll be adding this book to my collection.


  1. God didn't provide salvation for outerspace aliens.

  2. skeptimal - my skepticism is healthy within my worldview - I have examined the evidence and found the idea of UFO, aliens, etc, wanting. (just as I have with atheistic naturalism)

    At best, they are mental delusions, at worst they are demonic attacks.

    Please don't try and concatenate my reasonable faith and understanding of the supra-natural with the outer fringes and I'll not associate yours with the radical ideas associated with panspermia, ok?

  3. "At best, they are mental delusions, at worst they are demonic attacks."

    That statement pretty much confirms that I'm a lot closer to being a faith healer than you are to being a skeptic.