Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oprah - a true anti-Christ

May God have mercy on those that are deceived by this man-made and man-centered gospel that is not gospel (good news) at all...


  1. One of the greatest clues of the falsehood of Oprah and Echart Tolle is seen in the fact that that misrepresent Jesus and his gospel in order to then claim Jesus as a support for their own position.

    I challenge all readers who seek to discern between Christianity and Tolle's writings to study the Scripture and see whether the Bible (and Jesus himself) suggests whether Jesus came only to set an example for us (even if through personal surrender) or whether (Jesus and the Bible teaches) it was necessary for him to die as an atoning sacrifice for man's redemption and reconciliation with God.

    A few passages helpful to start with include: Acts 3:17-23; Acts 24:25-27; Isaiah 53:4-12; Isaiah 55:1-3.

    In reading how Winfrey and Tolle twist the message of Scripture, it should become obvious how fake their way is.

  2. Hi, Just quickly, interesting that you say that New Age is "man centered" when the whole point is to disolve the Ego, and serve the Spirit. A natural consequence of this is to become self-less, and consider the needs of all other as greater then your own, however this does not necessarily imply self-denial (such as excessive asceticism). The greatest Ascecitism thus becomes the greatest Hedonism, in that serving others is the best thing anyone can do for themselves!

    God Bless