Sunday, November 16, 2008

Old Testament Tithing vs. New Testament Giving

The idea that every believer is obligated to tithe (give ten per cent of their
income to the work of God) is widespread in the evangelical church today. Most
Christians receive teaching on tithing early in their spiritual lives. Some
churches believe so strongly in tithing that their members regularly recite the
Tither's Creed -- "The tithe is the Lord's. In truth we learned it. In faith we
believe it. In joy we give it. The tithe!" Other preachers have claimed that
anyone who does not give a tithe to the work of God is robbing God and under a
curse according to Malachi 3:8-10. In this pamphlet, we will examine the
Biblical teaching on the subject of the tithe with a view to understanding what
relevance it has to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ living under the New
Covenant. We will do so by examining what the Bible has to say about tithing 1)
before the Law was given; 2) under the Mosaic Law; and 3) in the New Testament

Full sermon here and here

One of the clearest teachings on the subject I have seen.

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