Monday, October 20, 2008

Motherhood: Practical Freedom, Foundations, and Fruitfulness through Faith

I just read an article here about constantly changing stereotypes for what it means to fulfill the role of being a mother. While the present shift is from being the Alpha Mom to the Slacker Mom, and while it seems the trends are defined from either revolting against what one witnessed or experienced as a child to what others are doing around a person, there's great freedom to be gained and much to be said for those who rather than basing their definitions, practice and pursuit on the trendy and/or transitory thinking, give themselves to being shaped by their faith (the enduring word of God). Rather than making both motherhood and children themselves an idol like Alpha moms have, devotion and time could better be given to what's best for the child and more becoming for the mother. Similarly, rather than just "squeaking by" on motherhood or just doing the least a mother can get by with, by faith the dignity of motherhood can be realized and fulfilled and the children can be better served. Faith which is founded upon God's Word serves as an anchor which helps a woman steer and remain steady regardless of shifting stereotypes. There's no better substitute than following the Lord and walking in his ways, whether it's in the area of motherhood or else!

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