Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"No God" Advertisements

"There's probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life"

The above quote is going to be used as an advertisement on buses in the streets of London. See here for details.

Several thoughts in response:
1. Reminds me of an older bully who tells his little brother "Daddy's never going to find out, go ahead". Sounds appealing and perhaps convincing at the time to the naive, but that changes when rather quickly when one is later called to account.
2. Surprised by the word "probably" in the phrase "There's probably no God..." Is this all the surety they can give? Does that word not conjure up and draw attention to the thought that "there could be", and not only this but the ones making the statement cannot say and cannot even be sure!
3. The advise is laughable.

There's probably no God, so stop worrying:
- Your life is meaningless, so there's nothing to worry about
- The origin of man's reason is non-rational and impersonal, so stop worrying because your thoughts and worrying mean nothing anyway.
- If you can't hold the oppressor, abuser, lier, and cheater to account in this world, they're just going to get away with it and there's nothing you can do so stop worrying.
- Even though your years will soon be over and even your memory will be gone, it won't matter anyway so stop worrying.
- Ethics are meaningless, so stop worrying, every man is simply to do what's right in his own eyes.

There's probably no God, so start enjoying your life:
- Give yourself fully to all your lusts and see if it brings joy
- Live simply for happiness, success and satisfaction and see what it brings
- Live free of the law of righteousness and see if you can avoid shame

Unfit counselors give bad advice...and some are not even ashamed to advertise it!

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