Monday, September 8, 2008

Gaia Worship Goes Pentecostal

OK, maybe it's not right to get joy out of the misery of others, but I just cannot stop laughing at this...


  1. Poor thing. I wonder if she apologizes to her salad before she eats it.

  2. words that come to mind - Romans 1.

    I almost feel bad at how ridiculous that was.


  3. PL,

    I'm not an expert on this, perhaps it is genuine.(??) The cries sure seem self-generated & fabricated to me. That's not reason to take the video down though, for I believe it shows the absurdity and effort one must go through in opposing the truth that lies within them to seek to live out a worldview that
    is inconsistent with what remains known by them (i.e., similar to some homosexuals whose "smiling" gives away the fact that they are trying to make a point of acting "SO feminine" that it does not come across as genuine, revealing that they themselves know what they are doing is absurd and unnatural). In their case, it's just more (excruciatingly and hilariously) verbal than with others.

  4. Note - I don't doubt that it's real in this sense ... that like some who fully embrace nihilist principles to the point that they can't cope with life (and often have to be committed); there will be some (perhaps more and more) of those who "really" embrace these false beliefs, who will continue to do crazier and crazier things in the future, for if they live consistently with their beliefs, the world (which does not agree with them) will appear more and more evil. At first, videos like this may appear hilarious (yet sad), but there is a real condition and often stems from beginnings like this, which depending on how far and deep they continue to develop, end up not only not being funny at all, but creating problems that must be dealt with. For example, the tree huggers in today's paper who must be removed from a tree so a college can build on its own property, PETA, criminal activities of Greenpeace, etc.

  5. Back in the 50's when Kooksville was still a small place, they knew how to get tree huggers out of trees effectively. Timberrrrr! ;)

  6. Jazzy,

    If I may borrow one line from a comedian..."Now, that's funny, I don't care who you are!"