Friday, August 22, 2008

Skeptical of Religulous

Unlike "Borat," or even a Moore film, “Religulous” is a dead end. In the last quarter, the laughs peter out as we realize the exploration is pointless.
Roger Friedman
Quote from Bill Maher's Anti-Religion Movie

Trailer clips of Bill Maher's movie "Religulous" reveal the fact that though Maher may borrow an interesting style from Borat (putting faces and realism on much of what is already known and experienced in religion around the world); the film will be short on substance (i.e., nothing new will be unveiled when it comes to Maher's proposition that "All Religion are Bad" and "They are Ruining Everything".)

Specifically, Maher will, as usual, in appealing to the public (argumentum ad populum) make sweeping generalizations (dicto simpliciter), yet fail to present and prove this point, particularly showing evidence and/or reasons leading to sound argument and proof that (1) Biblical Christianity is irrational; (2) Biblical Christianity is false; (3) Biblical Christianity is inferior; or that (4) Biblical Christianity leads to or is responsible for that which is deplorable(/lamentable).

For sure, the movie will be pregnant with propaganda, massive with empty mockery, and glutted with contemptuous gibes; all the while showing nothing more than the blasphemous attempt of an blabbermouthing man who seeks to prove himself something in a domain and concerning a matter he knows little about.

Hopefully, the word will get out before people waste their money.


  1. Bill Maher said the following on Fox News, "I don't like it when people tolerate intolerance."

    This is the kind of nonsense that forms the foundation of his world view. What he really admitted with that statement is that intolerance is alright for things that don't fit this world view.

    I also heard Bill Maher say about three weeks after 9/11 that we should try to find out why the Islamic radicals hated us so much to solve the problem. Translation, It must have really been the fault of the USA for making them hate us.

  2. Bill Maher is intolerant of intolerant people. :)