Saturday, August 16, 2008

Skeptical of the 2 party system...

Read this article, then take the jump to see the "surprise ending":


Two political parties today proffer their principles and their candidates, as the remedy for the troubles that afflict the nation. Each claims that its policy is the sure pathway to peace and prosperity, and each seeks to justify its measures as not only expedient but right. The Republican party is the party of order, of liberty, of justice, and public faith; their opponents represent the reactionary ideas of privilege and caste, suggest repudiation and propose to win, if at all, by violence, intimidation, and fraud.

In the interests of mere natural justice we rejoice in the inevitable success of the Republican party, but only because it will delay impending ruin and prolong, for a little, our chances of reformation. The parties differ only in that one proposes to carry us to ruin a little less rapidly than the other.

Our great national crime is rebellion against God and rejection of His law. From this sin, neither party proposes that we should turn. Not even the Republican party has in it virtue enough to save the nation. Not even the Republican party proposes any cure for the political corruption of which we are really dying.

Not in the bosom of either party is the future welfare of the country to be sought, but in a calm, clear, persistent demand for a Christian constitution which shall restrain our public servants from violating the laws of God and exclude from office the irreligious and immoral. A radically defective constitution is the root of our evils; there the remedy must be applied...
[The brief article below was originally printed in The Christian Statesman in November of 1868. One hundred and forty years later, we still face essentially the same situation in our political system.]

Much thanks to Doug Comin - I "appropriated" this from his post on the Puritanboard.

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