Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Islamic Arminianism? (Islam Borrowing From West)

Wow! Short of some language differences and differences in the vows, this looks very similar in practice to what has become so familiar in the West (particularly in Arminian circles, but even a touch of pentecostalism, TV evangelsing, etc.).

1. While it provides proof of a progressive aspect of Islam and it's adopting Western practices in seeking to win converts, one needs to understand there's a difference between simply appealing to emotion and one possessing a true conversion (which includes a change of heart evidenced by faith and repentance).
2. While this individual may himself "bear witness" that the prophet referred to is the messenger of God, that prophet's message is inconsistent with those who went before him.


  1. So apparently the tables have turned and the Egyptians are plundering the children of Abraham--but unfortunately for them they appear to be plundering the outhouse! Remarkable video.