Thursday, August 7, 2008

Engaging Apologetics

I've just read "Unapologetic Apologist" and while I'd be interested in hearing the arguments from those who prefer a "less confrontational approach", from what the article says, it sounds like the apologetics being used have MANY POSITIVES to speak of:

1. It involves "active" apologetics.
(They are doing "something", & even "publicly".)

2. It involves "informed" apologetics.
(They display understanding of Islam & the superiority of Scripture)

3. It involves "engaging" apologetics.
(It speaks to an issue sure to gain attention)

4. It involves "gripping" apologetics.
(It's takes hold, and doesn't let responders off the hook easily)

5. It involves "resonating" apologetics.
(It's done in a way which will get people's attention.)
(It's done in a way which will hit home b/c of truth.)

6. It involves "pointed" apologetics.
(It points people to the Scripture.)

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