Sunday, July 20, 2008

Manifestation of the Spirit, Purposeful Deception or Sad Self-Delusion?

You decide...


  1. Has she seen a doctor yet? Thos seizures could be a sign of something serious :)

    Actually, I came from a similar background. Been there, done that (well, not exactly that). Thank God for Reformation.

  2. That was weird. I mean... none of those men on the dais had ties on.

    Seriously... being somewhat familiar with the medical profession I would initially diagnose that as a severe case of tourette's syndrome.

    Do we live in the dark ages or what?

  3. Interesting how only the head (and at other times the alternate hand) shakes, but the hand needed to hold the microphone was was not affected. Also interesting how when the lady needed to turn the page of Scripture, she was able to control it all so that she could read...

    Besides all this, the man applies a portion of Scripture referring to Christ to the one on the floor. It is CHRIST, not man, whom God has set "above his companions."!

    This is Baloney! The only outcome of this rather than deception, foolishness, and lack of discerning minds, is that the lady will probably have a pretty sore neck the following few days!

    Thanks for posting this...Wow!