Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lloyd Ogilvie on "Searching for God"

Lloyd Ogilvie on "Searching for God"

Paul insists, "There is none who seeks after God." I have often engaged peole in conversations who profess to have a desire to know God but who, after careful thought, have agreed that their search is more for a good argument than for a living God.


  1. What would you say about those who profess Christianity, but have no desire to seek God or know God?

  2. No doubt there are many who cry "Lord, Lord" but who are not saved; on the other hand we must recognize situations where individuals for a time have their assurance shaken, where they are controlled by the flesh (though ultimately ruled by the Spirit), where individuals; where they are shamed due to sin and rather than embracing the mercy and faithfulness of God suffer and hide, etc.

    There's no doubt this absence of desire (/practice) is inconsistent with the character, testimony, and fulfillment of being and living life as a Christian according to the norm and fullness of all that it means to be found in Christ.

  3. Dear Dr. Ogilvie,
    I was searching for information on Bruce Larson today. We had lost contact after his stint at the Crystal Cathedral and our correspondence ended. Sadly, I found word of his stepping into Heaven. I praise God for his life and thank Him for giving me such a wonderful mentor as I began writing. Our correspondence covered at least ten years and he wrote the forward to my first book, Mind Song.
    I just finished the first draft of my autobiography titled, "A Nobody's Road to Success" ( name should be explanatory!) and I was going to ask Bruce to recommend one or two possible agents.
    In these uncertain economic times I rather imagine getting a book published will be very hard to do. If you have any suggestions, we would appreciate them very much. My daughter convinced me to write the book and is helping me with it.
    I've used your commentaries in many adult Sunday school classes and recommend them often.
    May God bless your ministry to Him in a difficult time.
    In Him,
    Donna Swanson
    "The mind becomes like that on which it feeds." D.E. Trueblood