Monday, June 23, 2008

Islamic Confession

But this year, the government is beginning to make substantive changes. The schools are moving from rote learning — which was always linked to memorizing the Koran — to critical thinking, where teachers ask students to research subjects and think about concepts.

Yet the students and teachers are still unprepared, untrained and, in many cases, unreceptive.

“Before, teachers used to explain the lesson,” Malek said. “Now they want us to think more, to research, but it’s very difficult for us.”

The result of years of Islamic domination in Algeria. Quote taken from here.


  1. Religious domination of politics is always harmful to sound reasoning and independent thinking.

  2. even moreso when dominated by atheists

  3. Panta:

    Any "ism" or religion that takes control of a government and shuts out dissent is going to be destructive to the health of that country. It could be atheism, you're right. My response, though, was to an implied assertion that Islam is a unique danger to democracy, when Christianity, Mormonism, or Buddhism can be just as big a threat.

  4. skeptimal,

    While Christianity (informed)recognizes a distinction between the church and state, we also differ from you on what constitutes a threat, as well as the basis for determining what constitutes a threat.

  5. If you have time, I'd be interested in knowing what you *do* consider a threat to separation of church and state. I could guess based on past experience, but not all Christians think the same.