Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Does Science Possess All the Answers?

Some would have you and me to think that science in on the verge of having all the answers (even for a world apart from God). The question is: Does science have all the answers? The answer unsurprisingly appears to be No.

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  1. Straw man argument. No one says science has all the answers. Who do you guys on the "team" think you're fooling?

  2. Skeptimal,

    Have you every heard of Richard Dawkins or Peter Atkins? Both have said exactly that. Would you like direct quotes?

    If it is a strawman, your boys created it.

  3. Puritan,

    Yes, I would like to see the exact quotes. I'm confident you've misunderstood them if you think they said that.

    Science is the best available approach for testing assumptions and theories. It is not a political party or religion any more than math is a party or religion.

    What does sometimes happen, however, is that people who spend their lives testing assumptions for veracity will come to reach similar conclusions about religion.

    Science can be and has been used, however, to disprove certain myths and religious doctrines. The flat earth and the seven-day creation come to mind.