Thursday, June 19, 2008

Compromise Impossible when it comes to the Gospel

But Dowd’s preaching also draws on more contemporary scientific thinking. Central to his pitch about a “God-glorifying, Christ-edifying, Scripture-honoring way of thinking about evolution” is how findings from evolutionary psychology might help people overcome guilt about their immoral or unhealthful behaviors. “We live in a world today that is very different from the world that our instincts evolved to deal with,” he says. “We have cravings for sugar, salts and fats because for 99 percent of human history, we didn’t have easy access to those things.” Likewise, he says, addictions like sex and drugs are part of our inner proclivities. “Today we have a far more empirical way of talking about human nature than through stories like the original sin,” Dowd says.

Quote taken from here - Darwinists for Jesus.

Another example of one who seeks compromise (Christianity & Evolution) but in order to do so must reject and oppose an essential element of Christianity (i.e., man's guilt).

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  1. In the words of another blogger: I've found that those who want to compromise between Darwinism and Christianity are normally loud Darwinists and quiet Christians. Their Darwinism can influence their faith, but their faith cannot influence Darwinism.