Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weinland and Revelation

Ronald Weinland, the self-proclaimed final witness has posted again and in his upcoming trips he states

Over the coming months, planning visits to specific areas will become more difficult as destructive events strike in different locations. As we look to God to lead us in our planning, we are going to continue sending elders to locations where growing numbers of people are seeking baptism and fellowship with God’s Church. We are going to focus on serving those whom God is calling as long as we are able to accomplish such work, and as we move forward through the Four Trumpets that will sound first, we will have to be very flexible in how this is accomplished.

As God reveals the work His two witnesses are to accomplish, we will keep you posted in as timely fashion as we are able. God has not yet revealed all that we are to accomplish or the areas in which such things will be done. That will be a progressive revelation to His two end-time witness, whose job formally begins on April 17th.

Note: Now Weinland appears to be suggesting a belief in Continuing Revelation!

Interesting, that since April 17th, ... destructive events have not occurred ... unless Weinland plans to visit Myanmar, which is not revealed in Scripture. Remember that while one might state that when Weinland uses references to "destructive events" it might inclusive enough to consider things like the cyclone, Weinland also specificly has spoken of large nuclear disasters (and the end of all things) in the coming months. We shall see.

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