Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Exposure of the Practice of Some who Espouse the Gospel as Myth

This article, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, gives great insight as to how the gospel-as-myth industry often operates. In this case, it was with the handling of the Gospel of Judas. Finally, though it will be read by only a tiny fraction of the public, with no documentaries or Datelines or ABC Easter specials, who have already been swayed by the fabricated story in the National Geographic some years back, the truth is getting out. It's the same story though. A minority group of scholars well-known in the field as anything but dispassionate (typically those not directly doing research in the specific subfield, see Ehrman) and a large group of profiteers join forces to shake things up and invent a "crisis of faith" for money. Who cares if the story is true (see Jesus Family Tomb). The problems with the story will come out long after the damage is done, the money and movie is made, and long after the fleeting attention span of the media and public dries up (error correction stories are not nearly as exciting, you know, as allegation stories).

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