Friday, May 2, 2008

Skeptical of “Relevant” Churches

Many churches, seeking to become “relevant” to the world, have become less relevant to the Kingdom of God. Case in point…

Concerts to resume after fight at church club

It is painfully obvious that, in such cases, the term “relevant” is simply another synonym for “worldly”. Whether or not such “club” atmosphere events are appropriate for a church is debatable. In the larger scheme, however, the church will never become relevant to the world by imitating it. These events may attract goats, but fail to convert them into sheep. The church is not called to be “relevant”. It is called to be Holy.

Here's more information from the event:

Tonight 's "battle of the bands" was originally billed to feature five groups vying for a chance to open for Killwhitneydead at Club Relevant on June 27.

Killwhitneydead, a Greensboro, N.C., band, is described on its MySpace page as "metal/hardcore/death metal."

Can't get much more "relevant" than that.

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