Friday, May 2, 2008

Skeptical of "Sexual Orientation" in Non-Discrimination Policies

See Ministry Fined for Firing Homosexual Employee to see illustration and consequences of what happens.

Grouping an issue of morality (sexual orientation) along with non-moral issues such as age, race, handicaps, etc., oversteps what non-discrimination policies should protect.

People should not be forced or legislated to embrace, accept or be involved with it the immorality of others. (Note: while some may argue (1) "Whose" morality is the standard? (2) What about Christians views being imposed on others, etc.; several factors come into play. First is the issue of whether these issues belong in a "non-discrimination" portion of law. Second, if one wants to push the argument far enough, it can be shown that only the Christian position provides for a rational and consistent view of morality. Third, hate crimes laws deal with other issues related to concerns in these areas (though even what is included in these laws of this nature is subject to judgment and concern)

This is no small matter, and believers need to recognize it up front and speak out where there is opportunity before it becomes law and oppose it where it has become law.

One place to do this includes participating in and speaking out when your state hosts seminars for the "Rule of Law" in keeping with the World Justice Project.

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