Friday, May 2, 2008

Skeptical of Extent of Methodist Slide

While some might be surprised, it's reported that Delegates to the United Methodist Church's General Conference have voted to uphold traditional marriage. For details, see here.

Good for the Methodists! This is encouraging to hear!


  1. On one hand, it is encouraging.

    On the other hand, why is the even up for a vote? Where is the church discipline? How do those who disagree with the vote manage to retain their ordination?

    Let's hope that they ascend rather than slide.

  2. Well stated.

    My purpose in posting was simply twofold:

    1. To give more visibility to the fact that not everyone agrees with what some suggest or push as the direction or trend in America.

    2. To encourage Methodists who have taken a stand ... for on this issue they did not cave in, but stood, and having stood, need to be supported (even though your points are well taken).