Monday, May 5, 2008

Skeptical of "Progressive Christianity"

In the mold of Tolle and Oprah, a new term has begun to emerge from the liberal churches, "Progressive Christianity", which obviously not Christianity but yet another form of humanism dressed up with Christian terminology.

Christianity without Christ: No creeds, no miracles, no Resurrection: Minister preaches faith without the symbolism


  • "a Bible ... is just a book among other books."

  • "the cross ... has no special meaning"

  • "The central story of Christianity will fade away...The story about Jesus as the symbol of everything that Christianity is will fade away."

  • Jesus was a "Middle Eastern peasant with a few charismatic gifts and a great posthumous marketing team."

  • "The Bible is used in her services, but it gets rewritten to be more contemporary and speak to more people. Even the Lord's Prayer -- also known as the Our Father -- does not make the cut because it creates an image of a God who intervenes in human existence. And then there is the "Father" part that is not inclusive language and carries with it the notion of an overbearing tyrant who condemns people to hell."

  • "It's been evolving for a long time but we're afraid to acknowledge that so this is merely the next iteration of what Christianity needs to be."

Like every other form of pluralism, Progressive Christianity seeks to make man the ultimate authority of spiritual matters by denying that God has revealed Himself and His will.

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  1. Liberals are some benefit to society, but sadly many of them are predisposed to wanting to leave Sanitytown and go to Kooksville!