Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Skeptical of accepting category of "Religion" as the problem

Richard Dawkins and others like to state that particularly after 9-11 they've come to see "religion" as a threat (/problem).

While the events of 9-11 were on one level done in the name of "religion" (or in the name of Islam); one could also say that the actions were done in "unbelief" as opposed to those who believe (even though they were done according to the individual's 'errant & destructive' beliefs) ... in the sense that it was not "religion" per se that was the problem, but actually the deviation from true religion that both founded and motivated the acts of terrorism and killing.

My point is that as believers, we should not allow atheists to select the categories without being challenged on it, for "an apple can be cut several ways", and simply letting atheists define the problem in terms of "religion" versus "non-religion" gives the appearance of a high-ground to secularist views while seemingly dirtying the name of "all" religion, without sufficient grounds.

In effect, they have tried to "combine" Christianity (and other religions) in "assigning" the blame of Islam to all. The blatant unreasonableness of such attacks deserves to be exposed and should not be left unchallenged.

The truth is that the attacks of 9-11 are perfectly consistent with the timeless truths of God's Word concerning the nature, motives and practices of those who are found to be and persist in unbelief. While in saying this I do not seek to put the blame of the Muslim terrorists upon Atheists, and yet it remains true that those who oppose Christ are often found to kill, steal, and to destroy.

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  1. Sword,
    Good post. Mr. Dawkins has wrongly assigned categories.

    Believers of false religions and false believers of Christianity are in the same boat with atheists. The real distinction is between true Christians (believers) and everyone else (unbelievers). The prince of this world holds sway in the unbeliever camp, while Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit controls those who are believers.

    We must bear in mind that many unbelievers will become believers in due time.