Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beyond Expelled

“Darwinism is not just a scientific theory,” said Pearcey. “It has worldview implications, just as intelligent design has worldview implications, and that’s why it’s important to bring this discussion into a larger cultural conversation.”

While the most popular arguments center around evolution and its counterpoints, intelligent design and creationism, Pearcey believes the ramifications of Darwinist worldviews are being felt in other realms of science, as well as morality and ethics, politics, health and medicine, law, commerce, literature and art, and even sexuality.

But Pearcey’s intent was not to debunk proponents of evolution and its derivative theories, but to call for a fair exchange of ideas. “So often today, public education actually discourages critical thinking,” Pearcey observed. “If secular views are taught uncritically, without taking opposing religious views seriously, it becomes a kind of totalitarianism.”

Quotes taken from here.

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