Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pluralism (Quote by G.I. Williamson)

In discussion of the first commandment which deals with the "object" of worship, and in response to those who suggest "it doesn't matter what particular religion one may have, or what denominaton one belongs to", G. I. Williamson writes:

If God were only the creation of man's imagination, then all 'gods' would be 'created equal.' One 'god' would have no higher claim than another.

Point: Since God is not the creation of man's imagination, the object of our worship matters, hence religious choices and alignment prove significant.


  1. It is a almost sure sign that someone is following a god of their imagination when they say something like the following:

    1)My god is a god that.......
    2)In my faith journey, god.....
    3)God is too big to have just one way of salvation.
    4)I couldn't be a Christian if that were the only way to salvation.
    5)As long as you are sincere in your beliefs is all that counts.
    6)My path to god may not be.....
    7)As long as you live a good life, god will....
    8)If you are basically a good person, then god will......
    9)I know I am saved because I try to obey the ten commandments...

  2. Great List Jazzy!

    I'm going to start a post with a list we can add to.