Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Faith and Politics in America

Yet the outreach efforts by Clinton and Obama should serve as an example to all Democratic officeholders that ignoring voters who feel strongly about their faith, and also public policy, will continue to lead to losses. [CAPS, my emphasis]

Quote taken from here.

Two Responses
1. As atheists often like to tout surveys and their supposed numbers, this statement points to a different assessment of the role of faith and those who consider themselves people of faith in America. (Shall we say that on one level, the proof is in the pudding?)

2. While this can be said about the role of faith, one then must ask what will be the particular responses given in the name of faith and the effect upon the communication and propagation of true faith that results from the scheduled discourse. If past responses and national discussions as a whole serve as an indicator, before believers begin to tout victory because debates are held to address matters of "faith", we must take two things into account:
a. There is a tendency in and of the world ("Babylon") to use "religion" for it's own ends... which results in opposition and resistance to the true gospel.
b. Times such as this provide opportunity for believers being filled with the Holy Spirit to powerfully proclaim the truth(s) of the gospel.

Summary: While believers should not be (blindly) overly excited on the one hand, they also should not be overly pessimistic, but in Christ continue to appeal for power in proclamation and press forward with the gospel according to the hope found in Christ!

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  1. I think the Democrat play for faith voters is an effort to align themselves with theologically liberal professing Christians (Jim Wallis, Brian McLaren, emergent, Jesus Seminar, etc.) in hopes of duping bible believing Christians into thinking they are really serious about traditional values. The democrats already have these liberal Christians in their pocket as they both share a goal of social justice (code for Marxism) through government intervention. One only has to go to their blogs and witness the Obama icons to see this.

    This is not good news for bible believing Christians as the democrat/liberal Christian goal will be and already is to marginalize us. In their (liberals) view, we are fundamentalists that are much like Islamic fundamentalists. We are considered dangerous and should be impugned and stamped out by an enlightened pluralistic PC consensus. In short their effort is to brand us and our doctrine as a mean spirited, hate filled, intolerant, and cult-like, while their religious values are compassionate, loving, tolerant, inclusive and forgiving. These people (religious & political left) are much more dangerous than atheists because they are coming as angels of light in sheep’s clothing, but they are wolves. They seek to destroy orthodox Christianity with a jello theology that can be molded to fit the spirit of the age in areas such as homosexuality, abortion, etc. I hope and pray Bible believing Christians will not be duped by their propaganda.