Thursday, April 17, 2008


Seems that Eco-therapy points to a new form of works righteousness (being eco-friendly). Interesting the article not only points to the bondage and consequences of those who live by it, but the costs (therapists) many will look to in order to try to find a remedy.

(Hint: Finding the gospel of Jesus Christ might save you not only much pain but big bucks in the long run.)


  1. As a moderate liberal I'm going to have to say that I actually am in agreement about the ridiculousness of this eco-therapy junk. It's just another way for charlatans to feed off of sensationalism.

  2. With the propaganda that is being spewed out by the ecco-activists it is little wonder that radical liberals are making themselves sick with guilt. The following is a quote from the earth day website:

    "Sign our year-round Global Climate Change Pulpit Pledge and join thousands of faith leaders committing to preach and teach on global climate change as a moral issue.

    Yes! I pledge to preach on global climate change at least once this year, recognizing that Earth Day is Every Day and for Everyone."

    They are very much about propaganda not only in schools but as you see from this quote they would like to brainwash Christians as well. They use the tactic of suggestion first and then intimidation very well. Nearly every school kid in America will be fed propaganda on April 22 (Earth Day).

    I think I will cut a tree down on Earth day in protest of their lunacy. BTW, I am all for stewardship with sanity, but sanity left the building years ago with these people......

  3. Craig,
    While your moderate view might apply to some things like eating ice cream, I wonder if it applies in the areas of philosophy and religion.

    Can one really proclaim and take truth too far? Also, can false and untrue philosophies be harmless as long as one follows them in moderation? For example, the relativistic spirit of our age asserts that there are many other valid and acceptable ways to be accepted by God other than Christianity. However, Christianity is either the only way or it is false and no way whatsoever. Jesus was either the son of God and the only savior for humans or he was a fraud and a liar. It takes a total failure of logic and discernment to believe that the creator of the universe would come to earth and suffer and die a painful death to be just one of many ways to be right with God. What an insult to his love and mercy to claim that you can approach God through religions that man has created in his imagination!