Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Could it Be: PETA Consistent; CHRISTIANS Acting Inconsistent?

The Scriptures tell us that animals are soulless creatures, and will perish with the rest of creation. We will not see them while our souls rest with God; when Christ returns and our bodies are resurrected, we will live in the new heavens and new earth—where there may be new, not resurrected, animals.

If we fail to understand our own doctrines, more and more Americans will begin to accept the idea that animals and humans are morally equivalent—and animal-rights activists may press on to their ultimate goals: eliminating animal agriculture and banning scientific research that uses animals—jeopardizing the development of life-saving medicines. And, as Singer proposes in his utilitarian system of ethics, activists would seek to allocate scarce resources fairly among animals and humans. (Fido's operation will create greater happiness than keeping Uncle Ben on life support.)

Good article for thought: Keeping Pets in Their Place

This is another one of those areas where people recognize something's wrong, but don't know exactly what to say, know they will be ostracized by those around them if they speak up, and do not realize the greater harm if the practice and direction is allowed to continue unchallenged. I'm grateful for the article.

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