Friday, March 14, 2008

Insight into the Debate between Creationism and Evolution: Links/Methodology/Motive of Disallowing Viewpoints

Hugo Chavez's Television Crisis

The Venezuelan government recently took over the nation's most popular TV station. Was it a move to return the airwaves to the people -- or political retribution for airing anti-Chavez programming?

A Secular Humanist Declaration
Issued In 1980 By The
Council for Democratic and Secular Humanism
(now the Council for Secular Humanism)

...we deplore the efforts by fundamentalists (especially in the United States) to invade the science classrooms, requiring that creationist theory be taught to students and requiring that it be included in biology textbooks. This is a serious threat both to academic freedom and to the integrity of the educational process.

...Is it a move to return to academic freedom and integrity of the educational process -- or philosophic and educational positioning for humanists' worldview and "programming"?

What's clear is that humanists do not simply oppose creationism being taught (incl: oppression of viewpoints) simply because of fear or because of scientific interests, but because they themselves intentionally seek to CONTROL and OVERTHROW the views and positions of those who stand in opposition to them by "covering up", "hiding", and disallowing exposure that not only threatens their position, but that THEY THEMSELVES ARE FOUNDATIONALLY COMMITTED TO OVERTHROWING.

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