Friday, March 28, 2008

Humanist Sunday Schools and Free Thought?

It's at the Humanist Community, where for a few hours every Sunday the humanists, as they call themselves, come together in what one might call a congregation. It even has its own Sunday school.....What's interesting about this non-church is some of its churchlike aspects. There's a hymn book, talks that sound like homilies and, at one point, an actual collection plate passed through the aisles after one song.

Quotes taken from ABC News: The Non-Church for Non Believers

While there's nothing wrong with non-believers getting together in this fashion, I laugh at the number of times the article refers to "free thought". Seems humanists not only want to borrow Christian presuppostions, they now want to borrow our practices!

BTW, hasn't it been from those with this background who have been the ones so outward spoken and accusatory about collections taken up at Christian services? ;)


  1. At least they are honoring the sabbath. Too rich...

    I'm glad the Lord has freed my thought process from the prison of naturalism, which can't even account for the very thought is seeks to practice.

  2. Sunday schools never existed in the Bible. In fact, you can't find the word Sunday in the Bible.

    If you want to know the real truth about one faith, one baptism, etc., I would encourage you to

    Are you really saved? Can you afford to be wrong??? Eternity hangs in the balance.

    Blessings to all,

    Brother Paul

  3. Can't find the word Saturday in the Bible either, so what is your point? We do know that beleiver's met on the Lord's Day, the first day of the week.

  4. Can you give a reference in the New Testament that specifically connects the term "Lords day" to the first day of the week?