Tuesday, March 4, 2008

College Campus and The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins is promoting his university tours to draw attention to his book The God Delusion. Hopefully, Christians on these campuses will see and take advantage of this opportunity to talk about the faith and lead fellow students and faculty to Christ.

To this end, I hope pastors will equip their students and that students themselves will study both to know and discuss the differences between what Dawkins presents and the foundation and hope found in Christ.

Christians from Arizona State, Berkeley, Stanford, University of Wisconsin, Columbia and NYU, University of Texas (Austin), make the most of this opportunity! I've heard about both the movement among young people in politics today as well as the attention being given to matters of the faith today... perhaps this can serve as motivation for students to get together for discussions prior to the presentation and then rally in evangelizing the campuses leading up to and following the presentation.

Such presentations should not alarm believers. The Scripture tells us false teachers will come. Presentations such as this ought to mobilize believers as they provide great opportunity for the elect to be revealed.

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